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Unified Inbox

Manage Webchat inquiries, SMS messages, Social Media messages, and much more — all in one central location.

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IML Unified Inbox: All-In-One Solution

As a digital agency, we are well acquainted with the challenge of utilizing and managing multiple communication channels. Efficiently managing multiple platforms can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. IML Company’s Unified Inbox streamlines your communications across all platforms into one central location, helping you respond to messages and inquiries from various sources.

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Unified Inbox Features


Centralized Communication

Access messages from Webchat, SMS, social media, and more in one unified interface and respond to inquiries promptly, improving customer satisfaction.


Auto-Filter Messages

Review messages based on channel, location, or date and automatically sift through negative reviews for quicker responses, streamlining the process of responding to feedback.


Multi-User Collaboration

Efficiently handle inquiries, resolve issues, and boost sales by assigning the right team member and leaving helpful notes for internal alignment among business locations and teams.


Custom Templates

Enhance efficiency and maintain communication with automated response templates for frequently asked questions (FAQs), document requests, and much more.

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How It Works

IML Company’s Unified Inbox service is your solution to managing multiple communication channels seamlessly. Ready to simplify your communication workflow and improve customer support? Here’s how it works:

1. Centralized Access

Access messages from various communication channels, whether from webchat, social media, or email, in your unified inbox.

2. Collaboration

Collaborate with team members and assign conversations with clients to manage and resolve inquiries effectively.

3. Automation

Automate routine tasks and responses to streamline your communication process with your team and clients.

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Unified Inbox Benefits

Quick Responses

71% of consumers (age 16-24) believe that a quick response from a service team can drastically improve their customer experience.

Customer Experience

Customer Retention

On average, companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers, compared to a 33% retention rate for companies with no commitment.

Retention Rate
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Clients we work with.

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