cPanel Business Hosting with Dedicated Resources

  • eCommerce stores (Magento, WooCommerce, PrestraShop, osCommerce, ZenCart)
  • Discussion Forums
  • Business and Service Listing websites
  • High definition images websites – Typically those who want to upload a portfolio of clients’ projects
  • Community websites
  • Auction websites
  • Heavy video websites
  • Heavy documents (typically PDF, DOCX, Excel sheets)Social media applications
  • Launch
  • Enhance
  • Grow
  • Expand
Business Hosting LaunchEnhanceGrowExpand
Business Hosting
Monthly Visitors150k300k500k750k
Website(s)15 - 2525-3535-5050-70
Integrated SSL
MySQL connection limits400600600800
Database & file count limitUnrestrictedUnrestrictedUnrestrictedUnrestricted
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  1. Migration limits: Migration limits are the available disk space for customer content after the pre-installed approx. 20GB system space comprised of the operating system, cPanel install, and additional overhead for maintenance operations (e.g. Patching).
  2. Integrated SSL: This is an SSL certificate issued by us. The SSL is installed on the primary domain name, is integrated for only one website, and is free for the life of the Business Hosting account.